There's a new employee starting work, and you need to train them on the job. Sometimes you can be around, but often you have to be somewhere else. Using e-training courses, your new colleague can continue training while you are away, and you can use e-assessment to check that they have taken it on board.

  • A suite of e-training materials can be created to suit a variety of posts within your business - please contact us to discuss options.
  • Courses for business - online training manual
  • Changes to regulations, or a change of post may give rise to a need for training existing staff. E-training is convenient to use for short periods, alongside normal working. You and your staff can also use it as a reminder of procedures which are unfamiliar.
  • Short interactive courses can be created for self-study; these can then be updated when necessary.
  • Contact us to discuss in-service training packages

Basic skills training - numeracy, IT...

E-Learning Services can help you to source materials for basic skills training. We have long experience of e-learning in academic institutions, particularly in mathematics.

Contact us for more information on basic skills training services from E-Learning Services

E-Learning Services can also train your staff to produce e-training materials.