The CALMAT Mathematics Software was developed at what is now Glasgow Caledonian University. It consists of 134 lessons over 3 levels covering secondary school and first year university topics. There are over 2000 assessment questions and an assessment system, TAS, together with a comprehensive management system.

During the 1990s, following demonstrations of its use at conferences, CALMAT was licensed for use at other institutions and a student version was made available. The system was regularly upgraded and is still in use in a number of universities and colleges in the UK and Ireland. Tutors who use CALMAT have not so far been able to find a suitable web-based replacement.

The concern of the IT community over the Millennium Bug (remember that??) was largely unfounded, but some parts of CALMAT were affected, so development began on a web-based version of CALMAT. Known as MELA, this system replicated CALMAT's learning and management systems in web form, based on Java and XML and designed to segregate the system from the content. The questions were known to be vital to the system, providing randomised formative and summative assessment, and it was decided to use QTI Version 2.0 (the latest version at the time (2003)) in order to ensure that they could be used in a variety of rendering systems. The renderer used in MELA was based on the APIS system developed originally by Niall Barr.

The CALMAT group was disbanded in late 2006, despite efforts to find a commercial partner to continue development of content for the MELA system.

CALMAT was released as Open Educational Resources (OER) under the FETLAR project in February 2010. Some of the learning material is being converted for web use and many of the questions are being repurposed as QTIv2.1 by Sue Milne and colleagues at several UK institutions.