E-Learning Services is an e-learning and e-assessment consultancy. We specialise in content development for online courses, and in particular the design and creation of standards-based assessment. This can be for any subject, including academic disciplines and workplace training. Our background includes over 20 years' experience in e-learning and e-assessment, with emphasis on the particular requirements of Mathematics in Secondary and Higher Education.

We can also provides technical consultancy in acoustics. Please see www.acousticresources.co.uk for details.


E-learning provides the means for students and trainees anywhere in the world to study at times and places that suit them. Our e-Learning Services include

  • E-Learning Consultancy
  • Course design and construction
  • Content design and development
  • Training

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Our e-learning consultant is Sue Milne. Sue read Mathematics at the University of Warwick before taking a Postgraduate Teaching Diploma at Moray House College in Edinburgh. She worked as a research assistant in Mechanical Engineering at Heriot Watt University, gaining programming skills and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

After a career break raising her family, Sue joined the CALMAT Group at what is now Glasgow Caledonian University in 1987. She became lead programmer and development manager for the CALMAT and TAS projects, under the leadership of Jean Cook. Sue wrote much of the system structure for CALMAT, including the input tool, and created many of the lessons and questions. She also gained extensive experience of deploying and using e-learning with classes, acting as assistant lecturer on several modules and the university's Mathematics Summer School for about 10 years.

When CALMAT became available under licence to other institutions and students, Sue was the contact for helpline requests from external users, and became adept at talking students through the installation procedure!

Sue completed her PhD in Mathematics and E-Learning in 1996, having studied part-time throughout her time with the group,and following Jean Cook's retiral, Sue took on the leadership of the group in 2005. However, the CALMAT group was disbanded in late 2006, and Sue founded ELandWeb Ltd in November 2006. Since then she has used her background in Mathematics, teaching and programming and her experience in the use and development of e-learning in her role as consultant for the company.

In the course of the MathAssess and FETLAR projects, Sue was able to provide first-hand experience of implementing Mathematics e-assessment provision within the QTI specification, with lessons learned during the MELA development leading to improvements in the tools.

Following CALMAT's release as Open Educational Resources (OER) in February 2010, Sue is developing training materials to assist colleagues in repurposing the content, and in particular the question designs. 

Sue has also been an Associate Tutor at the University of Glasgow, using online resources to teach a module in the School of Education. She is an expert in QTI question and test design and development, and has worked with a number of UK HE institutions to create resources and provide training for staff in resource development.